There are more than 2 million survivors of rape living in California.


The long-term empowerment of survivors requires a foundation for them to be their own voice.


Promoting the norms and behaviors that we want to see.


Supporting policies that encourage system changes to aid survivors.


Jan 26 2015
“The Hunting Ground” – A new film on campus sexual violence

“The Hunting Ground”, a film about sexual assault on national college campuses, premiered last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. We look forward to watching this film that shares the voices of survivors, highlights the challenges for college administrations to effectively respond to sexual violence, and aims to advance solutions to prevent sexual violence. 
This film can serve […]

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Jan 26 2015
Celebrating 15 years of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center
PreventConnect, a national online resource center from CALCASA, is proud to be a partner with the NSVRC, to help build hte community of prevention practitioners where we are able to learn the lesson from both research and practical experience, to move forward the nation's prevention efforts.

All of us at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, see the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)  as a vital partner and national resource in the movement to prevent sexual violence.  Now in their 15th year, NSVRC provides a national collection of great resources and materials.  My first day on the job ten years […]

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Jan 8 2015
2014 Campus Sexual Assault in Review

Those working in social justice movements are aware of the intricacies and general principles concerning issues like racial discrimination, gender discrimination, domestic violence, sexual violence, etc. Much of the work that fuels the movements around these issues focuses on awareness and prevention, always building on work, discoveries, and experience from years before. Yet there are […]

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Oct 1 2013
Materials from August 27, 2013 CDPH Pre-conference training institute


On Tuesday August 27, 2013 Alexis Marbach from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence led a training for California RPE grantees. The training, entitled “Logic Models for Prevention Programming II” explored the basics of creating logic models for prevention programming. The materials from that training can be found here:


PowerPoint slides

Training […]

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Dec 12 2013
Logic models for prevention programming

July 23, 2013
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Hosts: Abby Sims and David Lee, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Presenter: Alexis Marbach, MPH, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

This web conference provided the basics on developing logic models for prevention programs. Attending this web conference (or watching a recording) is required for the August Logic Model Training (see below […]

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