Engaging local government leaders in SAAM


Proclamations and resolutions can help you involve local government leaders in your work to raise awareness about sexual violence.  You can build an event around the public presentation of a proclamation or resolution.  In some situations, a resolution or proclamation can help “legitimize” your story idea in the minds of media representatives as they hear your pitch for coverage of Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities.

In the document, Proclamations and Resolutions, you will find sample documents to help you format and draft your own proclamation or resolution.  We recommend that you use the proclamation for a mayor or county commissioner, and the resolution for a legislative body such as your city council or county board of supervisors.

The text from the State of California’s Resolution designating April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month is included for your information and use.

For more information about SAAM 2010, including resources, events and other Highlights, please visit our SAAM 2010 page.

Cindy Marroquin has been in the Violence Against Women field since 2002. Until recently, she worked for Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus – a dual Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault agency – in Modesto, CA. While there, she created curriculum and facilitated groups for both young children and teens as a part time Youth Specialist. She was also a part time Prevention Educator and was responsible for training and conducting public speaking presentations to diverse audiences on issues pertaining to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Throughout her five years at the agency, she also did a combination of Legal Advocacy, Court Accompaniment, Emergency Room Response, Crisis Intervention and Volunteer Program Coordinator. 

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