What are you doing on International Women’s Day?


March 8, 2011 marks the centenary of International Women's Day

Across the globe, people are gathering today to recognize International Women’s Day, a global commemoration of the struggle for women’s equality and empowerment. Catherine A. Traywick at Ms. Magazine wrote an insightful post highlighting gender based inequities as the “UN Commission on the Status of Women conducts a 15-year review of the implementation of the Platform for Action, a global agenda for women’s empowerment created in 1995.”

In light of the global facts that demonstrate the great work achieved in some areas and glaring gaps of inequities, there are many ways feminists are celebrating and honoring those that paved the way for us to be where we are as well as those working to make a more equitable future today. Here are some ways to get involved:

What are you doing on International Women’s Day in your part of the world?

Livia Rojas, MSSW, is the Training and Resource Coordinator in the Campus Program at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) where she provides training and technical assistance to recipients of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Grant to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking on college and university campuses across the United States and territories. Livia has eleven years of working to advance human rights and student organizing through practice and research.

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  • David Lee March 8, 2011, 3:31 PM David Lee

    Wonderful to recognize International Women’s Day. Tday, I joined almost 200 people discuss the intersection of sexual violence and domestic violence prevention with ending oppression on a PreventConnect web conference.

  • lydia March 8, 2011, 3:49 PM

    Traveling in Europe on International Women’s day to present at IPV/SV conference in Denamark, It occured to me today that as a little black girl growing up in south central LA that my life would offer me this option.

  • Livia March 8, 2011, 5:29 PM

    It is great to hear from you, Lydia! Looking forward to reading your next entry on your prevention work in Denmark. Thank you for sharing your voice and doing remarkable work in ending sexual violence.

    David, according to coalition staff in Mississippi, the prevent connect web conference had a great turnout and engaging discussion! Thank you for sharing!