Engaging men the wrong way


Photo taken by: Voxphoto

A flier was found in a men’s dorm bathroom on the Miami University campus entitled, “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape.”

A Cincinnati.com article reported:

Discovery of the flier last weekend prompted Miami University officials to call a mandatory meeting for male students at McBride Hall. They launched a police investigation that could result in internal disciplinary action for the student responsible if found. Police presence at the dorm was increased.

But leaders in a student organization that works to prevent sexual assault is criticizing Miami’s response, say it didn’t go far enough…

How would your campus respond to address this issue?

Sari Lipsett

Sari Lipsett is a Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator at CALCASA. Sari has worked in Wisconsin and California doing prevention education and programing, survivor advocacy, public policy and grants management. Sari works in CALCASA’s Southern California Office where it is sunny all the time.

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