POLICY UPDATE: SB 782 (DeSaulnier)

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Last week, CALCASA sponsored legislation, SB 782 (DeSaulnier), passed on the Assembly Floor with a 33-0 vote. SB 782 would create the California Sexual Violence Victim Service Fund and allow for an individual to designate a specified amount on their tax return to be transferred to this fund. Moneys from this fund would be allocated from the Office of Emergency Services to CALCASA for the award of grants to support CALCASA rape crisis center programs for victims of rape and sexual assault.

We will keep you updated and provide more information as SB 782 moves to the Senate. Stay turned for further updates on CALCASA’s legislative priorities, including reducing the rape kit backlog (AB 1517), military sexual assault and sexual assault on college campuses. Click here to join our mailing list.

Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown is responsible for managing strategic communications and providing analysis on legislative issues related to sexual violence. Shaina has a background in public affairs, media relations and grant management. Shaina joined the movement to end sexual violence in 2009, serving as a volunteer for Jeans 4 Justice, a San Diego based social change organization.

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  • Ann February 28, 2014, 3:28 PM

    Awesome! I’ll look for this when I do my state taxes.