Sexual violence prevention at the table: National Coalition for Sexual Health

NSVRC's Jennifer Grove (left) and PreventConnect's Ashley Maier (right) standing and smiling in front of a powerpoint slide projected on a screen that reads "National Coalition for Sexual Health"

NSVRC’s Jennifer Grove (left) and CALCASA’s Ashley Maier (right)

On Monday I attended the 2nd annual meeting of the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH). Having participated last year, I was thrilled to welcome several new partners to the table, including PreventConnect partners, National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Our presence at the meeting, and as integral members of the coalition, reflects a growing trend of partnership-building to close the gap between the traditionally siloed sexual health (teen pregnancy prevention, STI prevention…) and sexual, domestic, and dating violence prevention movements.

At this year’s meeting, I was most impressed with the commitment to addressing and including the prevention of gendered violence. Amongst discussion about avoiding assumptions, media messages, and more, members frequently brought up the topic, linking it to key sexual health indicators and outcomes. I’ve participated heavily in many sexual health committees and efforts throughout the years and the NCSH is one in which I feel our expertise and presence is highly valued and included.

As I’ve posted in the past, the NCSH released a sexual health guide this year, and you can look forward to more publications and resources coming soon. For now, learn more about sexual health in this online course and listen to podcasts about the connections between sexual violence prevention and sexual health promotion.

Ashley Maier

Ashley Maier serves primarily as part of CALCASA’s prevention team. She has worked in the movement to end gendered violence for well over a decade. She began as a volunteer at a domestic violence shelter in Illinois, served as a hospital-based advocate in St. Louis, coordinated community health/family violence training programs for pediatric residents in St. Louis and San Diego, and managed Oregon’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grantees. Ashley is a contributing author to Lantern Book’s 2013 publication, Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat and is creator of the 2015 book, Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice.

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