#ThisGEN_YS: Media, Sports, Policy and Community Organizing to End Gender-Based Violence



Today is day two of Raliance’s ThisGEN: Youth Summit and if you have been following along on social media, you have witnessed the energy and passion for ending gender-based violence present at the summit. ThisGEN participants have connected with one another, heard from various speakers, and have been attending workshop tracks around four specific platforms – media, sport, policy, and community organizing.

The media track focuses on the ways news, social media, documentaries, music, and art influences society’s response to gender-based violence and how to leverage it as a platform to end gender-based violence. The sport track explores how sport and athletes influence society’s response to gender-based violence, and how to engage athletes, leagues, coaches, and others within the sport systems as social change agents to end gender-based violence. In the policy track, participants are exploring how policy (government structures, laws) influences society’s response to gender-based violence and how to engage policy-makers in advocacy efforts. Last but not least,  the community organizing track uncovers the ways that community-organizing efforts can make an impact and how to leverage learned skills to make communities safer.

Laura Palumbo’s workshop asks, are we being brainwashed by media?

Some highlights from the past few days include a workshop on leveraging hip hop culture to end sexual violence by  Tracy Wright of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, a panel discussion including NFL Foundation’s Executive Vice President Troy Vincent, and an activism fair that included 16 partners in the movement to end gender-based violence providing information to participants.


The participants and young leaders are geared up and will voice their calls to action to end gender-based violence at Thursday’s Rally in Upper Senate Park. #ThisGENWill be the generation to end gender-based violence.


Blog originally posted on PreventConnect 3/8/17.

Lorena Campos

Communications Associate Lorena Campos is a Chicana and Stockton, CA native. She began her work with CALCASA as an intern in the spring of 2015. Since then Lorena has graduated from the University of the Pacific with a B.A. in Political Science, and Minor in Ethnic Studies. Many of her experiences and efforts include: creating inclusive and outreach programming as an Inclusion Coordinator with the University of the Pacific Multicultural Center, facilitating workshops and trainings as a Student to Student Healthy Relationships Peer Educator with the University of the Pacific Women’s Resource Center, and Providing Safe Zone Trainings as an Ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. After working at the University post-graduation, she is excited to return to social justice and advocacy work as the Communications Associate for CALCASA.

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