Denim Day at West Campus High School


In 2011, I shared a message about the importance of discussing sexual assault not only communities but, especially at home.I also included my daughter, Eleni’s story of her experiences at school when she was 10 years old. That experience made her understand the value of educating and bringing awareness to her peers about what constitutes sexual harassment and to prevent similar situations in schools.

Here is the link where you can find that blog where she shared her experience of sexual harassment at her school on the CALCASA website.

Presently, she is a young adult and has not shied away from these conversations. She asked for some Denim Day buttons and made it her personal mission to share and talk about the story behind Denim Day at school below, Eleni describes briefly her experience and she also shared some pictures of Denim Day 2017 at school:

Students at West Campus HS in Sacramento, CA wearing Denim Day buttons.

During the school day, I handed out Denim Day buttons to my classmates and teachers. I also gave them a little paper explaining the story behind Denim Day. Most of their reactions were complete shock and disappointment. One of my classmates commented saying, “consent is not implied; it is either yes or no – and the fact that she was wearing tight jeans can not prove anything.” One of my teachers, after reading the story behind denim day, simply said, “Wow, seriously?” many of the students who received a button were glad that I had approached them about Denim Day and they said more people should become aware of the woman’s story. My friend commented saying, “This case opened up my eyes, and can open millions of others’ on how common and real the problem of sexual assault is.”

Villena Vega Koumis joined CALCASA in September 2005 as an Administrative Assistant. In six months, she accepted the position of Program Associate for Project Access where she provided high-level administrative and logistical support for a grant to End Violence Against Women with Disabilities, an Office on Violence Against Women funded project until the funding ended. In her current position as Administrative and Library Associate she continues to support CALCASA staff, management, and member agencies, in facilitating support services to California rape crisis centers, prevention programs, allied members, and the general public. She supports the movement to end sexual violence through her experience and growth as a survivor and an advocate.

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