Title IX Update


In light of recent remarks made by Betsy DeVos to overhaul Title IX Guidance on campus sexual assault, CALCASA remains steadfast in its commitment to support survivors of sexual assault and advocate for Title IX enforcement and its protections.

The decision to launch a new process to make changes to the Title IX system disregards the strides that have been made in educational institutions to ensure that survivor’s voices are centered and that schools will do the right thing for their students.

Title IX still remains in full effect and it is important that schools carry on their responsibility in preventing sexual violence and attending to issues of sexual violence.

The voices of survivors have affirmed the importance of the current Title IX standards. It is imperative that along with state and national organizations, survivors, advocates and members of the community alike express the importance of the current Title IX standards to the Department of Education. The Department of Education is currently accepting comments on current Title IX guidance on sexual violence and we urge everyone to continue to express their concerns by submitting their comments before September 20, 2017.

CALCASA is a member of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence (NTF), and with our national partners, we will continue to center the voices of survivors in policy and legislation including conversations and actions around Title IX guidance on campus sexual assault.

Title IX resources:

If you have any questions please contact Lorena Campos, Communications Coordinator.



Lorena Campos

Communications Associate Lorena Campos is a Chicana and Stockton, CA native. She began her work with CALCASA as an intern in the spring of 2015. Since then Lorena has graduated from the University of the Pacific with a B.A. in Political Science, and Minor in Ethnic Studies. Many of her experiences and efforts include: creating inclusive and outreach programming as an Inclusion Coordinator with the University of the Pacific Multicultural Center, facilitating workshops and trainings as a Student to Student Healthy Relationships Peer Educator with the University of the Pacific Women’s Resource Center, and Providing Safe Zone Trainings as an Ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. After working at the University post-graduation, she is excited to return to social justice and advocacy work as the Communications Associate for CALCASA.

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