Unifying Community & Systems Series: Faith-Based Communities and Prison Systems


Rural areas by definition are low in population and in services for survivors of sexual violence. This webinar will feature a community expert, Shayla Ashmore, Child Therapist at Lassen Family Services and member of the faith pilot program in Susanville, California. Guided by her experience and insights from working in a rural community, Shayla Ashmore will share how she helped spark innovative faith-based work in a prison town through collaboration.

Adrienne Spires
Project Coordinator, CALCASA

Jennie A. Hoffman
CASA Program Manager & PREA Coordinator
Pronoun She, Her, Hers
Lassen Family Services

Shayla Ashmore
Director, Child Abuse Treatment Program
Pronoun She, Her, Hers
Lassen Family Services

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Adrienne Spires

Adrienne N. Spires is the Project Coordinator for the faith-rooted collaborative and Leadership, Education Advancement for Professional (LEAP). She is based out of the CALCASA Pasadena office. Adrienne has over a decade of professional experience contributing to organizations that help empower and heal women and youth who have suffered sexual assault and trauma in the State of Illinois. She likes to foster collaborative relationships with a myriad of constituents, including: social services programs, countywide initiatives, faith rooted organizations, state and federal agencies.

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