Safe Secure Kids: An online tool for parents and educators


The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and d’Vinci Interactive teamed up to create, an online resource for adults, parents, and educators to role model and teach consent and healthy boundaries to the children in their lives. The website includes an interactive game on consent for children and adults to complete together, guidance for adults, and videos highlighting the importance of these conversations.

A cartoon teal heart-shaped character stands in front of a sign that says "Town of Consent." Learn more about at

Resources like make having age-appropriate prevention conversations across the lifespan easier and more accessible. Sexual and domestic violence prevention practitioners know the importance of starting conversations about consent at a young age and to have these conversations be on-going, and helps adults initiate and continue these conversations. Teaching children that their body is theirs and their boundaries should be respected is key to changing a culture to one free from violence, and can impact preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), too. The lessons on this website also include how to handle rejection, building another key skill that prevents potential perpetration of violence.

The free website, guidance, game, and videos are available to all at Check it out and share with the children, adults, teachers, and parents in your life.

Training & Technical Assistance Specialist, Prevention Tori first became involved in sexual violence prevention through her senior capstone project at the University of Montana. Her and her colleagues with the Franke Global Leadership Initiative developed a sexual consent education curriculum for youth in Missoula, MT. She brought her commitment to sexual violence prevention and community health to her Master’s of Public Health program at Oregon State University, where she also served as a graduate assistant for sexual health and healthy sexuality promotion programs. Tori worked as an intern with the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force where she helped develop a planning, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability guide for sexual violence prevention for Oregon colleges and universities. Tori is thrilled to continue using her skills, education, and passion to prevent sexual violence and create safer communities through her work at CALCASA.

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