Providing Rape Crisis Services to Survivors in County Jails


This webinar was developed to train victim advocates at rape crisis centers who will provide emotional support services to incarcerated survivors of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in county jails. The webinar provides useful information about how jails differ from prisons and delves into how women and people with mental illness make up an increasing percentage of the incarcerated population in U.S. county-run jails.

This webinar will:

· increase advocates’ understanding of the unique jail setting

· offer tools for building relationships with jail staff for the provision of emotional support services mandated by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

· discuss ways to support survivors who are preparing to re-enter, or have recently re-entered the community

Kris Mady
Just Detention International

Matthew Van Winkle
Just Detention International

Marsela Rojas-Salas

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Marsela Rojas-Salas

Marsela Rojas has roots in Southern California and Mexico. Her work has primarily included education, advocacy, and research around sexual violence prevention, reproductive justice, and prisoner rights. She has taught women’s studies at a university and in prison, facilitated workshops and trainings at college women’s centers, and provided advocacy for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. At CALCASA she works with rape crisis centers across the state to provide advocacy to survivors in prisons and detention centers. Marsela is committed to the long-term systemic change necessary to free our communities from interpersonal and structural violence in all its forms. When she’s not in the office she likes to cook for friends and family, hike, and visit museums.

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