We Are Still Here: Serving Incarcerated Survivors During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has made accessing rape crisis support services extremely difficult— especially for survivors behind bars. During this virtual gathering, recorded on April 2, JDI and CALCASA staff answer questions and provide support to advocates working to ensure incarcerated survivors continue to receive services vital to their healing.

We offer the recording of this conversation as a supplement to official sources of information on this evolving public health crisis, in order to continue to center incarcerated survivors. Even in the best of times, the stories and needs of incarcerated survivors are frequently disregarded. Incarcerated survivors of sexual abuse and sexual harassment continue to need the lifeline of rape crisis services and advocacy provided by Victim Advocates via letter and hotline to an even greater degree during COVID-19.


Letter Template for Incarcerated Survivors During COVID-19

Self-Led Workshops to Mail to Clients Who are Incarcerated
(developed by A Window Between Worlds)

A Window Between Worlds’ Resource for Advocates

COVID-19 Coronavirus: What You Need to Know in Corrections

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Marsela Rojas-Salas

Marsela Rojas has roots in Southern California and Mexico. Her work has primarily included education, advocacy, and research around sexual violence prevention, reproductive justice, and prisoner rights. She has taught women’s studies at a university and in prison, facilitated workshops and trainings at college women’s centers, and provided advocacy for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. At CALCASA she works with rape crisis centers across the state to provide advocacy to survivors in prisons and detention centers. Marsela is committed to the long-term systemic change necessary to free our communities from interpersonal and structural violence in all its forms. When she’s not in the office she likes to cook for friends and family, hike, and visit museums.

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