CALCASA and the Partnership Have a Bold Vision to End Sexual and Domestic Violence in Our State

We are advocating for $50 million in new state funding to make this vision a reality.

We believe, and the research demonstrates, that building thriving communities and supporting healthy relationships can prevail over sexual and domestic violence. In order to do this, California needs to make strategic investments in:

  • Prevention Strategies
    Our state must become proactive and stop violence before it happens. With community education, organizing, leadership development, and other strategies, we can change social norms and support young people in practicing respectful relationships.
  • Comprehensive Wrap-Around Services
    We must provide expanded services that support survivors beyond an immediate crisis, and fund service delivery approaches that holistically meet the needs of survivors. This includes approaches like flexible housing financial assistance—a necessary element for the many survivors of sexual and domestic violence whose trauma has interrupted their careers and education.
  • Research and Innovation
    California must support research to make justice and healing meaningful for survivors. By funding emerging practices, we can explore accountability alternatives to the criminal legal system and more. Research and evaluation of programs can also help identify and articulate the impact of services.

The costs of sexual and domestic violence are astronomical, sexual violence cost the state of California $140 billion, and domestic violence costs the U.S. $460 billion a year. It’s time for California to invest in prevention, prevent future incidents of sexual violence, improve services, and reduce the costs of sexual and domestic violence to victims, and our communities.

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To truly honor survivors we must prioritize prevention, while continuing to provide supports for healing. In spite of the staggering costs of sexual and domestic violence, the state of California has never invested in this key strategy to prevent these forms of violence. This is the year for change. Tell Governor Brown that our state is ready to get proactive: sign this petition to support $50 million to end sexual and domestic violence.
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Is your organization ready to pursue a bold violence prevention agenda in California? Will your team support survivors throughout their journey to healing? Sexual and domestic violence affects all aspects of a survivor’s life—from their physical safety and well-being to their immigration status and ability to find safe, affordable housing. Whether you work with survivors or champion another social justice issue in California, we need your organization to show solidarity!
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