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This week, April 12-18, is International Anti-Street Harassment Week! We’ll be participating in a week full of activities around the world by tweeting during Stop Street Harassment’s day-long #EndSH tweet-a-thon tomorrow, April 14. We’ll tweet in English, Spanish, French, and Hindi. Add your voice with the #EndSH hashtag!

NSVRC's Jennifer Grove (left) and PreventConnect's Ashley Maier (right) standing and smiling in front of a powerpoint slide projected on a screen that reads "National Coalition for Sexual Health"

NSVRC’s Jennifer Grove (left) and CALCASA’s Ashley Maier (right)

On Monday I attended the 2nd annual meeting of the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH). Having participated last year, I was thrilled to welcome several new partners to the table, including PreventConnect partners, National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Our presence at the meeting, and as integral members of the coalition, reflects a growing trend of partnership-building to close the gap between the traditionally siloed sexual health (teen pregnancy prevention, STI prevention…) and sexual, domestic, and dating violence prevention movements.

At this year’s meeting, I was most impressed with the commitment to addressing and including the prevention of gendered violence. Amongst discussion about avoiding assumptions, media messages, and more, members frequently brought up the topic, linking it to key sexual health indicators and outcomes. I’ve participated heavily in many sexual health committees and efforts throughout the years and the NCSH is one in which I feel our expertise and presence is highly valued and included.

As I’ve posted in the past, the NCSH released a sexual health guide this year, and you can look forward to more publications and resources coming soon. For now, learn more about sexual health in this online course and listen to podcasts about the connections between sexual violence prevention and sexual health promotion.

It's On Us logo“It’s on us to stop sexual assault,” John Hamm states in the latest White House campaign to engage the public in ending sexual violence.  “Get in the way before it happens,” Kerry Washington urges viewers in the campaign video, echoing its anthem:

Don’t be the person who stands by and does nothing. It’s on us to stop sexual assault before it starts. It’s on us. All of us. Take the pledge to be part of the solution.

It’s On Us is the latest effort to come from the White House that demonstrates this administration’s commitment to a comprehensive approach to addressing sexual violence. The campaign offers a website with a pledge, videos, and tools to assist in community engagement efforts. Moreover, it sends a clear message – everyone is responsible for ending sexual violence.

Follow the #itsonus discussion on Twitter and learn more at

nsac logo: on black background it says "many voices" in white and "one movement" in teal.  There is a large arrow filled with speech bubbles pointing to the right.As CALCASA gets ready for the National Sexual Assault Conference taking place this week, Wednesday, August 20 through Friday, August 22, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, we are excited to share some great events, workshops and places to find us:


  • Poised for Prevention: U.S. Sexual Violence Prevention Policy, Wednesday at 3:30pm, by CALCASA’s Ashley Maier
  • The Role of Research in The Anti-Rape Movement, Thursday, 1:45pm, by Ashley Maier and Sharon Wasco
  • “Public health just doesn’t get it!”: Addressing resistance to a public health approach to sexual violence prevention, Friday 9:15 am, by Ashley Maier, Matthew Huffman, and Jonathan Yglesias

map of U.S. with "not alone" written in redThe Monument Quilt Display!

  • Join Force: Upsetting Rape Culture’s display of The Momentum Quit across the street at Point State Park on Wednesday, August 20 from 4pm-8pm.  The quilt is an ongoing collection of stories of survivors of rape and abuse. From the project:

By stitching our stories together, we are creating and demanding public space to heal.  We are building a new culture where survivors are publicly supported rather than publicly shamed.

Learn more at

Our Table!

  • Look for the CALCASA logo in the tabling section and come visit us!

These are, of course, just a few of the many engaging aspects of the National Sexual Assault Conference.  Follow the #nsac2014 hashtag and our Twitter accounts (@calcasa, @preventconnect@sandracalcasa, @davidcalcasa, @denicecalcasa, @leonacalcasa, @ashleycalcasa) for the latest on CALCASA’s NSAC 2014 experience, including pictures!

White paper with Excellent, very good, good, average, or poor options and check boxes next to them.  Excellent has a red check mark in the check box.PreventConnect is conducting a brief survey of its participants and would like to hear from you! Your feedback will help PreventConnect understand its impact and how it can improve its activities to better meet your needs. Upon completing the survey, you have the opportunity to enter into a drawing to win an Apple iPad mini

If you have any questions, please contact Jenine Spotnitz ([email protected]).

Please complete the survey using the link below by Tuesday, August 12, 2014:


a folded up newspaper with "NEWS" written on the top.  The newspaper has 4 visible sections all stacked on top of each other, on a white background.Read the latest newsletter from PreventConnect here, featuring a summer prevention program empowering girls, the CHAT consent campaign, and a community-campus partnership evaluating prevention programming. Full link address:


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PreventConnect Newsletter – July 24, 2014: Empowering girls, CHAT consent campaign, and a community-campus partnership evaluating prevention programming