April 8-14 is international Anti-Harassment Week. This week activists will continue to build on the momentum of the #MeToo movement and rally against the issue of street harassment and elevate prevention strategies stop it.

Held during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), Anti-Street Harassment week illustrates the need to stop the factors that allow gender-based violence and sexual violence to persist. According to a recent study by Stop Street Harassment The Facts Behind the #MeToo Movement: A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault verbal sexual harassment is the most common form of harassment. Street harassment happens multiple times for most people according to  Unsafe and Harassed in Public Spaces: A National Report on Street Harassment. Verbal sexual harassment can happen anywhere and this week we are focused on the street, one of the most public spaces people encounter every day.

This week let’s raise awareness about the issues and prevalence of street harassment and elevate the need to change and reclaim our public spaces. There is a need to change our streets, to prevent street harassment, and to end gender-based violence.

What will you be doing for Anti-Street Harassment Week?

International Anti-Street Harassment Week is organized by Stop Street Harassment visit their website for more information and ways to get involved.

Tomorrow, March 24, is the March for Our Lives demonstration to end gun violence and mass shootings in school and our communities. This demonstration and the movement behind it show young people taking the leadership to take a stand to prevent violence. Their energy has already brought 843 cities around the world to take action on Saturday to show support, solidarity, and make change in their communities.

In our mission to end gender based violence, CALCASA embraces youth leadership as a key strategy for prevention. One year ago, CALCASA organized Raliance’s ThisGen Youth Summit where young leaders proclaimed that they are the generation to end sexual violence. They issued a Call to Action on what this generation will do to end violence.  This weekend, we stand in solidarity with young people in this national youth-led movement proving that they are making a difference for all us.

For information on how to show up on March 24 follow this link.

March 4-10, 2018 is NO MORE Week (#NoMore) and an opportunity for everyone- including organizations, companies, leaders, champions, and communities- to show our commitment to ending sexual and domestic violence and to prioritize prevention.

This year No More week coincides with International Women’s Day and CALCASA will be joining the rally hosted by Women’s March Sacramento and the California Legislative Women’s Caucus at the California State Capitol West Steps from 10-11 AM. We invite everyone to join us at the Capitol and to attend events in their communities.

NO MORE week comes at a time when national attention has given a platform for survivors to speak out, and a prime opportunity for our communities to stand up. The impact of sexual violence in California is not only detrimental to our friends, families, and communities it also comes with an economic cost. Sexual Violence costs California $140 Billion and CALCASA says NO MORE. No more to rape, no more to harassment and no more to all forms of sexual and domestic violence. We stand in our commitment to end sexual violence and see the value of investing in prevention. Investing in prevention means stopping violence from happening in the first place. Prevention means education for our communities, providing training, and championing awareness campaigns that lead to culture change.

We look forward to joining our community on March 8, we urge everyone to take action, take the pledge to: Know more, stand with survivors, and speak up. Know more about the impact of sexual violence in California, and speak up in your community, have conversations with your legislative representatives and with leaders in the movement about stopping rape, harassment and all forms of sexual and domestic violence.

The Women’s March Sacramento focuses on engaging youth, uplifting women leaders, advocating for gender equity, fighting voter suppression and fighting for the fair protection of all human rights. As the State Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence Coalitions, we believe that individuals, families and communities are safer when we center the needs of those on the margins, most affected by these issues. Together with our Members, CALCASA and the Partnership advance public policy agendas that address the multiple oppressions survivors face in California every day.

Therefore, in solidarity with thousands of people across the state and nation, CALCASA and the Partnership will join National Women’s Marches on Saturday, January 20th. We will publicly affirm our commitment to social justice and equity by marching in Sacramento and other locations throughout the state.

CALCASA and the Partnership also invite our Members to consider participating in these marches as well. If you plan to be in the Sacramento area, you’re welcome to march with us. Meet us at 9:30 a.m. at Southside Park: 2115 6th St, Sacramento, CA 95818—specifically at the corner of W & 8th Street.

If you plan to be in the Orange County area, you’re welcome to march with us, meet us at 9:00 am on the corner of West Civic Center Drive and North Flower Street in downtown Santa Ana, CA. If you plan to be in the Los Angeles area, you’re welcome to march with us, meet us at Pershing Square Park. 532 s. Olive St. Los Angeles CA. CALCASA will also be present across the Nation in Washington D.C. For those in other parts of the state and country, you may select from a number of other local events.

Representing California’s rich diversity, our Coalitions are excited to position sexual and domestic violence alongside other movements and multiply our collective strength. We encourage you to keep up with CALCASA and the Partnership on January 20th by following us on social media.






The Partnership:





Among the many issues of sexual violence is the burden of stalking impacting survivors and our communities. Stalking is a major concern and threat of violence, and each year the National Center for Victims of Crime recognizes January as National Stalking Awareness Month. Stalking makes our communities fearful while impacting the sense of privacy and security that individuals and our communities need to thrive.There is a need for resources to help support victims and survivors of stalking and a critical need for prevention. Promoting safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments are among many of the recommendations provided by the CDC toward prevention efforts.

How will you contribute to the prevention of stalking and sexual violence?

This morning WEAVE’s CEO Beth Hassett, and CALCASA’s Director of Operations Gayle Hepner joined the California President Pro Tempore Kevin De León and Senator Holly Mitchell to announce the collaboration with the State Capitol to improve the system of reporting sexual misconduct. Senator De Leon and Senator Mitchell emphasized their commitment to changing the culture at the Capitol were every voice is heard, and where women are valued and seen as equals.

CALCASA agrees that what is pivotal to preventing sexual violence is creating lasting change in the landscape, where workplaces and all of our communities look at their environment and take the necessary steps toward transformation. Providing confidential victim advocates and impartial investigation processes are the critical first steps that the California State Senate is taking to prevent sexual harassment and violence through a trauma-informed lens. Senator De Leon stated that he is in conversations with California State Assembly Leaders to make sure that process of reporting and addressing sexual misconduct is bicameral and consistent across the board.

WEAVE has an excellent history of serving the Sacramento area and we believe this partnership will help improve the response to and prevention of sexual misconduct at the Capitol. Together with WEAVE CALCASA is committed to working toward the prevention of all gender-based violence.


You can see the live broadcast of the Press Conference from WEAVE’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/WEAVEInc/videos/10159726916315137/



State Senate Announces Next Steps of Addressing Sexual Violence at the Capitol