Uber, in collaboration with NO MORE,  has launched its Stand Up Don’t Stand By.  campaign to “spotlight the important role we all play in looking out for each other’s safety and preventing sexual assault. #DontStandBy” The campaign materials focus on actions that can be taken to contribute to stop sexual assault before it happens. There are messages for friends out on for a night on the town,  nightlife staff, and Uber drivers.


This campaign is initially focused on two nightlife hubs: Las Vegas Nevada, and Los Angeles California. Learn more about the bold moves Uber and NO MORE are making to get everyone involved in a movement to ensure respect, safety, and fun are all a part of going out.

Over the past 3 years, Break the Cycle and CALCASA’s Cyber Abuse Project (CAP) has worked to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills of criminal justice professionals working with youth/young adults at risk for or experiencing tech-facilitated sexual, dating, domestic violence and stalking.

On December 20th, 2019 join us for a webinar featuring lessons learned, the debut of the Cyber Abuse Project (CAP) toolkit, and more on resources, and materials with the broader youth advocacy community.

Register for the webinar here.

For more information including the CAP podcast series and trainings visit : breakthecycle.org/cyber-abuse-project



Are you looking to enhance your professional development?

If so, the Leadership Education and Advancement for Professionals (LEAP) team will provide exclusive training designed to move you forward and strengthen your career in the anti-violence movement.


Learn more about LEAP and what it has to offer. The information session that will be hosted tomorrow will also cover goals, program structure, and the application process.


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“With making sexual violence so visible and putting a face and a voice to it we are now charged with the accountability of preventing it.” CALCASA’s Board Member Tina Rodriguez says it best, now more than ever our state and the nation is focused on the issue of sexual violence. Our communities know how prevalent the issue of sexual violence. There are risks involved if we don’t make changes to prevent sexual violence.

CALCASA is leading the way with prevention; it’s at the center of what we do. We know that beyond meeting the needs of survivors, making sure they have the resources they deserve, we can create change that will end sexual violence for the next generation. Sexual violence is preventable.

This Giving Tuesday we ask for your support so that we can advance our efforts, to shift the attitudes that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to exist. This past year our policy work increased funding for sexual violence programs, we did this by educating and working with policymakers to develop approaches that empower survivors and promote prevention. This is what CALCASA does, we work with systems to promote approaches that uplift and respect survivors. Policy and advocacy work is a significant part of what we do in order to prevent gender-based violence. Every contribution helps move us forward towards our goals, and we thank all of our champions for their continued investment.

You can donate before, on or after #GivingTuesday, and share why you give with #MyGivingStory on Facebook and Twitter.

For Immediate Release
November 16, 2018
Contact: John L. Finley, Public Policy Associate, [email protected]


Statement by California Coalition Against Sexual Assault CEO Sandra Henriquez on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Title IX by the United States Department of Education:

(Sacramento) Today, the US Department of Education issued a new proposed rule rolling back Title IX protections for survivors of campus sexual assault, severely narrowing the definition of sexual harassment, and weakening institutional responsibility for responding to sexual violence. It is unacceptable that as the nation’s consciousness of the realities and pain caused by sexual violence continues to grow, the response of our leaders at the federal level is to eliminate rights and protections for survivors that were already won years ago.

CALCASA, our local members, national partners, and advocates everywhere will not stand idly by while this administration allows campuses to sweep sexual violence under the rug. We encourage everyone concerned with this new rule to submit public comment, and CALCASA will provide additional guidance on how to do this when available. More information can be found from our allies at End Rape on Campus and Know Your IX (http://www.handsoffix.org).

Together, we will raise our voices in fearless protest, and will advocate for California to protect survivors and end sexual violence in education once and for all.


The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault is the professional association representing 84 rape crisis centers throughout California, and a national advocacy organization dedicated to ending sexual violence wherever it may occur.


See full statement here.




On November 27, 2018, CALCASA is participating in #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving. Giving Tuesday promotes collective action in the spirit of giving on one day – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the united states. We ask our partners, allies, and our community to participate and choose to support CALCASA so that we can continue our prevention, policy, and advocacy work that isn’t funded by our grant programs.

We are at a moment where national attention on sexual violence has moved survivors to come forward, and the demand for culture and policy change are greater than ever. For decades CALCASA has worked to support survivors and end sexual violence. Our member rape crisis center programs continue to provide crisis intervention and work on prevention in their communities.

CALCASA does not provide direct services to survivors and instead works at the state and national level to end sexual violence through prevention, policy, and advocacy.  We know that sexual violence is preventable and we work to change the attitudes that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to exist. We educate and work with policymakers to develop approaches that empower survivors and promote prevention. CALCASA advocates for critical survivor resources provided by local and statewide service providers. And we work with systems to promote approaches that uplift and respect survivors.

This year CALCASA has set a goal of raising $20,000, as we gear up for Nov. 27 we encourage everyone to:

  • Spread the word about #GivingTuesday
  • Join CALCASA’s campaign this year and contribute to our goal
  • Share why you give, and why #GivingTuesday is important to you

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