Defending a Survivor’s Right to Privacy

Survivors’ voices, needs, concerns and decisions drive CALCASA’s work. Recent actions by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unintentionally risks the privacy of sexual violence survivors. CALCASA has responded to maintain our commitment to support their healing, access to justice and right to safety in which we are able to prevent sexual assault from occurring [...]

Sexual Violence Research: Findings From a Systemic Review of the Literature 2015-2019

CALCASA has released a new 144 page report titled Sexual Violence Research: Findings From a Systemic Review of the Literature 2015-2019 that highlights articles from the leading academic journals, organizational reports, and resources that have the potential to support the anti-sexual violence movement and all organizations/individuals committed to asserting the dignity of all people. This [...]

How does gender equity protect against sexual violence?

Two recent research articles shed light on the ways gender equity protects against sexual violence, both on an individual-level and at community- and societal-levels. Male Adolescents’ Gender Attitudes and Violence: Implications for Youth Violence Prevention finds that young men who report more gender equitable attitudes, like not needing to hit another guy to get respect, [...]

The Power of Sport in Pakistan

From table tennis to cycling to soccer, I recently saw for myself the true power of sport. This month, as part of the United States-Pakistan Exchange on addressing gender-based violence through sport, I joined nine other U.S. violence prevention and sport leaders in meeting with Pakistani programs. The exchange was organized by Women Win, an [...]

Serving Youth Survivors in Detention

This webinar was developed to train victim advocates at rape crisis centers who will provide emotional support services to youth survivors of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in detention. America incarcerates more of its young people than any other country in the world, and many of these youth enter the correctional system via the school-to-prison [...]

Uber Releases Public Safety Report

Image Description: Uber app on cellphone

Yesterday, the popular app-based rideshare platform Uber released a first-of-its-kind report on public safety. The report detailed the most severe safety incidents (sexual assault, motor vehicle fatalities and fatal physical assaults) that are reported in connection with using the Uber app. Their goal is to get more companies to do the same, and help raise these issues higher in the corporate [...]