NCAA’s Athletics Toolkit on preventing sexual assault and interpersonal violence

The NCAA Sport Science Institute recently released the second edition of their sexual violence prevention tool kit “An Athletics Tool Kit for a Healthy and Safe Culture.” This toolkit complements a previous version “Addressing Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence: Athletics’ Role in Support of Healthy and Safe Campuses.” In the past few years, the NCAA (National Collegiate [...]

CALCASA Condemns Violence and Sexual Abuse at the Border

Last week, CALCASA,  joined dozens of anti-sexual violence organizations to speak out against the mistreatment of refugees and immigrants held in detention at the U.S. southern border.   The text of the full statement is below and can be found here.   ANTI-SEXUAL VIOLENCE COALITIONS NATIONWIDE CONDEMN THE MISTREATMENT OF REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS HELD IN [...]

Accompanying Incarcerated Survivors at Forensic Exams

One of the goals of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is to ensure that survivors who are incarcerated receive a level of care that is as close as possible to what is available to those in the outside community. This includes having an advocate to accompany them during the forensic exam following an assault. [...]

California budget includes $5 million in funding to prevent sexual and domestic violence

We are incredibly proud to announce that our collective efforts with the CaliforniaPartnership to End Domestic Violence (Partnership), our members, advocates, and allies have led to a $5 million state budget allocation to prevent sexual and domestic violence. This is a testament to all our hard work to increase awareness of prevention at the Capitol. [...]

Working with Incarcerated Survivors with Disabilities

08/24/17 People with disabilities are drastically overrepresented in U.S. prisons and jails. Often perceived as vulnerable, these people face a heightened risk of sexual victimization while incarcerated. This webinar provides advocates with information around how a disability can put an individual at risk for being sexually victimized, and assists advocates in developing their advocacy skills [...]

Understanding Corrections Culture

10/19/17 This webinar is a free-ranging and in-depth discussion between Liliana Olvera-Arbon and Tom Faust, former Director of the Washington D.C. Department of Corrections. Tom is a corrections officer of national standing, with a commitment to ensuring the safety of those who are incarcerated. His inside perspective, gained over a career in corrections leadership, provides [...]