Child sexual abuse is preventable

The problem is clear: Sexual abuse of children is much too common. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys experience child sexual abuse at some point in childhood.  The solution is also clear: we must invest in strategies to prevent child sexual abuse. Yet our nation’s investments have focused primarily on how to [...]

Youth Lead to Prevent Teen Dating Violence

Every February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDAVM), which provides sexual and domestic violence prevention practitioners an opportunity to reflect and assess how they are centering youth leadership and teen dating violence prevention. Young people have taken center stage and led the march (literally) in areas like gun control, climate change, and of course, [...]

Prevention Accessibility: How to Organize Inclusive Social Justice Events

With prevention’s emphasis on social norms change and creating protective environments, community mobilization efforts are becoming increasingly common as a way to engage entire communities in working together to prevent sexual violence. Community and societal level work often involve a great deal of event planning and organizing, whether it be weekly group meetings, events or [...]

Reflections on conversations about Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant image

There has been a great amount of media coverage with the news of Kobe Bryant’s untimely death.  While most news stories describe him as well respected athlete, community supporter, family man, and gender equity advocate, there has also been media coverage addressing Bryant’s arrest for committing sexual assault. This is a case where race, class [...]

Restorative and Transformative Justice to Prevent Sexual Violence on School Campuses

Restorative and Transformative Justice have long been used as tools for repairing harm in communities following an act of interpersonal violence, but how can these ideologies be used, primarily on school campuses, to advance sexual violence prevention? First, a little bit of history. Restorative justice is rooted in indigenous and Native American practices of communal restitution [...]

Defending a Survivor’s Right to Privacy

Survivors’ voices, needs, concerns and decisions drive CALCASA’s work. Recent actions by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unintentionally risks the privacy of sexual violence survivors. CALCASA has responded to maintain our commitment to support their healing, access to justice and right to safety in which we are able to prevent sexual assault from occurring [...]