CA Advancing PREA: CDCR Conservation Camp

This online module is intended to serve as an introduction to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's conservation camps program. This training was designed for victim advocates at CA rape crisis centers who have an MOU with a CDCR institution in their service area that operates one or more of these conservation camps. Although [...]

Sustaining Our Services, Sustaining Ourselves

Rape crisis center advocates wear many hats and take on many roles. They typically identify the needs of those who are underrepresented in hopes that they can facilitate all of the items of their checklists of needs. Sustaining Our Services, Sustaining Ourselves was developed as a tool to begin the conversation regarding the sustainability of [...]

New Study Shows High Prevalence of Sexual Harassment and Assault In California – We Need to Invest In Prevention

Together with San Diego School of Medicine’s Center for Gender Equity and Health (GEH), CALCASA is pleased to release a new report Measuring #MeToo in California. This new report shows that sexual harassment and assault are widespread problems in California and that a robust investment in preventing sexual violence is desperately needed. This study marks the first [...]

The Advancing PREA Team Introduces the Access for All: A Guide for Serving Incarcerated

The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) and Just Detention International (JDI) are pleased to announce the arrival of a new toolkit specifically for victim advocates!  Access for All: A Guide for Serving Incarcerated Survivors is a product of the CA Advancing PREA Project, funded by the Office of Emergency Services. The project allows CALCASA and JDI the unique [...]

What it will take to prevent sexual violence in the military

Last week's Department of Defense's 2018 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military reported more than 37% increase of "some kind of contact or penetrative sexual assault" of service members as compared to 2016 based on data from an anonymous survey of military service members. In a memo, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan commented [...]

Conversations from the Field: Incarcerated Survivors with Mental Illness

The loss of community-based treatment options has increasingly funneled people with mental illness into detention centers, which are ill-equipped to help them. Research shows that members of this population face a greater risk of being victimized in detention, and are less likely to be believed should they choose to report. This webinar is a conversation [...]