What it will take to prevent sexual violence in the military

Last week's Department of Defense's 2018 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military reported more than 37% increase of "some kind of contact or penetrative sexual assault" of service members as compared to 2016 based on data from an anonymous survey of military service members. In a memo, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan commented [...]

Conversations from the Field: Incarcerated Survivors with Mental Illness

The loss of community-based treatment options has increasingly funneled people with mental illness into detention centers, which are ill-equipped to help them. Research shows that members of this population face a greater risk of being victimized in detention, and are less likely to be believed should they choose to report. This webinar is a conversation [...]

CA Advancing PREA Project: Update

In March 2018, CA Statewide PREA Coordinator Shannon Stark announced that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) would allow toll-free, non-recorded phone calls from incarcerated survivors to advocates at local rape crisis centers. The provision of confidential access to emotional support via phone call represents a huge achievement for CDCR and the CA [...]

Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention with Faith Rooted Communities

PreventConnect has a 2-part podcast where they discuss the pilot program of CALCASA’s faith-based collaborative to address gender-based violence through prevention and intervention.  Prevention in Faith-Based Institutions: Shared Values On this podcast, guests discuss how this faith-based prevention initiative began and highlight the values both faith institutions and the anti-sexual violence movement share. Prevention in [...]

Raising Awareness About ‘Court-Ordered Rape’

CALCASA was contacted by a survivor who has been working with attorneys, advocates, and academics to raise awareness and bring an end to a traumatic practice referred to as ‘court-ordered rape,’ or invasive gynecological exams that survivors of sexual assault are ordered to endure in the course of proceedings against their perpetrators. Villanova University Professor [...]

CALCASA Testifies in Support of an Ongoing Investment in Prevention

Yesterday, CALCASA joined the Partnership in testifying before the Assembly Budget Committee in support of a $50 million ongoing investment to support domestic and sexual violence prevention programs in California.  We made the case for prevention by describing the tremendous costs already associated with sexual violence and reiterated our strong belief that California can be [...]