CALCASA Stands in Solidarity with the March for Black Women

I am happy to share CALCASA’s support for the March for Black Women that is set for September 30, 2017 in Washington D.C. and declare that we stand in solidarity with the Black Women’s Blueprint, Inc., a key organizer in the movement. The March for Black Women is embracing the strength of black women “in [...]

CALCASA Stands with Raliance for an Education Free From Sexual Violence

Friday the United States Department of Education issued interim guidelines regarding Title IX. CALCASA stands with national partners in our commitment to preventing and ending sexual violence. Below is a statement from RALIANCE in response to the Title IX updates. Here is a link to the Raliance statement on their website. CALCASA is a national [...]

Title IX Update

In light of recent remarks made by Betsy DeVos to overhaul Title IX Guidance on campus sexual assault, CALCASA remains steadfast in its commitment to support survivors of sexual assault and advocate for Title IX enforcement and its protections. The decision to launch a new process to make changes to the Title IX system disregards the [...]

¡Ya Basta! – Honoring Workers this Labor Day by Collaborating to Address Workplace Sexual Violence Every Day

Sexual harassment and sexual violence occur in the workplace at an alarming rate, and at some work sites, the level of isolation and barriers to reporting are extreme, creating a perfect environment for exploitation and abuse. The 2015 documentary by the Center for Investigative Reporting and its partners, “Rape on the Night Shift,” highlighted the [...]

Transformative Conversations Today Bold Moves Tomorrow

CALCASA’s 2017 Statewide conference brought together 500 people committed to ending sexual assault. The speakers and workshops challenged participants and centered the voices of youth, queer and/or transgender people of color, and immigrants. Keynote speakers Beckie Masaki from Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence opened the conference with remarks on how loss is inherent to [...]

500 Gather to Think Differently to End Sexual Assault

500 people committed to ending sexual violence gathered at CALCASA’s 2017 Statewide Conference. The theme of the conference, Transformative Conversations: Think Differently to End Sexual Assault, was embodied by the keynote speakers on Wednesday morning. Beckie Masaki, Co-Founder of the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, asked everyone to “intentionally open up the center”  for [...]