Your Vote Your Voice

It is common to hear about people who just don't want to engage in the presidential race this year. Apathy around the upcoming election is alarming, to say the least. Whether people are voting for a candidate or decidedly against the other, one truth remains the same, voting is a key component in our democratic [...]

“Take A Stand” and say “NO MORE” for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October sets the stage for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and spotlights opportunities to raise awareness ,  honor survivors, support their causes, and advocate for change. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence asks everyone to take a stand and remind  "the nation that there are still countless people--victims and survivors, their children and families, their [...]

Netflix Releases “Audrie & Daisy”

Today, Netflix will release a new documentary titled Audrie & Daisy  that is already making it’s debut across the country including at the Sundance Film Festival, and in special premieres for high school students. Nothing will feed my social justice soul more than the spark of conversation that I hope and anticipate this release will [...]

There is still time to support rape crisis centers

Over the past year, CALCASA has worked to create new and diverse funding streams for our member programs and to support local rape crisis centers the the survivors they serve - the CA Says NO MORE license plate and a voluntary contribution on the State tax return. CALCASA has new graphics for you to use [...]

Ya Basta!: Activism on the Night Shift

Ya Basta! “Enough is Enough” is the phrase I kept hearing. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, but it was the first time I felt it.   Hearing Leticia, a janitorial worker, share her story of being raped by her supervisor was powerful and emotional. Her daughter stood by her side in tears, [...]

2-Part CalVCP Training July 14 & 28 – Register Now!

We hope you will join us for a FREE 2-part California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) training for sexual assault advocates scheduled for July 14 & 28, 10am-11:30am at the VCGCB office in Sacramento. For those who can't attend in-person, the training will be livestreamed on YouTube. For more information about this training, and to register, visit [...]