Restorative Justice on Campus

Disclaimer: This series is for Cal OES funded Rape Crisis Center Programs Only Restorative Justice on Campus June 28, 2018 This web conference will identify the principles of restorative justice, discuss the tier approach of restorative justice in a campus setting, distinguish between preventative circles, restorative conferences and reintegration/re-entry, all of which are used to [...]

Situational prevention to end sexual violence on campuses

How do we prevent sexual and domestic violence?  While many prevention strategies try to educate and train, individuals to change their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior, greater impact can be made by making changes in the environment. This is the principle behind public health frameworks such as the Social Ecological Model and Spectrum of Prevention. [...]

10 Inspiring Ways Sport Drives Culture Change to End Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

This blog post first appeared on  Raliance believes that sport is an important cultural influencer that can play a huge role in achieving our vision to end sexual violence in one generation. In this vein, Raliance has been exploring the current efforts and possibilities for sexual and domestic violence prevention in and through sport. [...]

Recap: White House “It’s on Us” Summit

Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending the White House Office of the Vice President’s “It’s on Us” Summit. Attended by a constellation of anti-sexual violence allies, from survivors, to elected officials, social media celebrities, and athletics officials, this event was a celebration of the progress that we have made as a movement, since [...]

Overview: Know Your IX Campus OrganizatingToolkit

Know Your IX (KYIX) recently released a new Campus Organizing Toolkit. Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led organization that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools. As a recent graduate, I could easily see this package with a student leader lens and appreciate how rich the resource [...]

What it would look like “If Frats Were Feminist”

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and we still have a week left. With as much attention garnered from cases of sexual assault, attention to prevention efforts is equally as important. MTV’s Laci Green has been successful in her feminist campaign with "Braless" a video series covering issues that range from male privilege to [...]