#TheHuntingGround Twitter chat to prepare for national screening

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The documentary film The Hunting Ground will be airing on CNN on Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 8pm.  When I first saw this film, I said it "will be an important catalyst for action to support efforts toward preventing sexual violence."  That has proven true in the last year as this film has been shown [...]

The Hunting Ground on CNN this Sunday, November 22

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The spotlight on campus sexual assault will continue to shine when the documentary, The Hunting Ground, airs on CNN this Sunday, November 22 at 8 p.m. EST. The film highlights the stories of survivors of campus sexual assault and the responses they received from their institutions. One of the pieces that I appreciate most about [...]

It’s On Us to Prevent Sexual Violence Against ALL Students

It’s the end of the It's On Us campaign's National Week of Action and, today, we’re focusing on what’s next for the future of anti-sexual violence work on campus. So much progress has been made already: legislating affirmative consent in CA schools, creating more trauma-informed policies on campus and working to improve the campus adjudication process [...]

Survivor Focused – What it Means In Practice

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present during the California College and University Police Chiefs Association's annual training in Pismo Beach, California. I spoke on how campus law enforcement agencies can infuse their interactions with survivors and on-campus sexual assault investigations with a more trauma informed and survivor-centered lens. As advocates, a trauma-informed lens comes naturally [...]

It’s On Us to Intervene

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A few weeks ago, I witnessed a physical act of what appeared to be dating violence. It happened in a public space, during rush hour and with law enforcement nearby. It was horrible. A million thoughts washed over me in those seconds - I need to act, to intervene, to stop this! But also, will [...]

Got Consent?

As campus sexual assault has dominated the headlines over the past year, an important dialogue has erupted around the concept of consent. Here in California, we were the first state to adopt an affirmative consent standard for all campus adjudication processes and took it a step further in 2015, when the Governor authorized legislation that requires [...]