Lessons learned from reading research

I wish reading research were a simple process of learning new knowledge. Instead, I have to consider the research question, methodology, strategy to select the sample, recognize the limitations of the research and evaluate the relevance to the practice of sexual violence and domestic violence prevention. And sometimes I cannot understand things like this chart [...]

Preventing sexual abuse in youth sports

Whatever your impression is of sports and athletes; there's no denying the indelible affect on the society at large.  From the women and men that play sports at its most competitive levels, to the mother that takes her son to his soccer games and practices, or the father that is teaching his daughter to shoot [...]

Questions about prevention for couples

In the study recently ePublished in the Journal Prevention Science, the authors Woodin and O’Leary examine a violence prevention program for couples with a history of at least one act of male-to-female physical violence in the current relationship. Domestic violence advocates warn against activities that may place someone at great risk, such as couple-based interventions. [...]

Addressing gender roles to prevent sexual violence in Thailand

It is great to see an article in the Journal of The Medical Association of Thailand that calls for a nation wide school-based program to promote gender equity to prevent sexual violence.  When will we see this in the United States? The full citation, abstract and link to full text follow the jump. Gender roles, [...]

CALCASA talks to the National Guard about sexual assault awareness month

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month comes to an end, here is a video of my talk to the California National Guard for their SAAM event on April 12, 2010. I talked about the importance of preventing sexual violence, the That's Not Cool Campaign, and Denim Day.

Looking at methods to study men’s perceptions about rape

Each week I review summaries of the titles and abstracts for newly published articles to find research relevant to prevention of sexual violence and domestic violence. Yet, without reading the article, I will not know how they came to those findings. Here is an example of the methods used for a study recently published in [...]