There are more than 2 million survivors of rape living in California.


The long-term empowerment of survivors requires a foundation for them to be their own voice.


Promoting the norms and behaviors that we want to see.


Supporting policies that encourage system changes to aid survivors.


Apr 16 2014
GUEST BLOGGER: Supporting Survivors of Military Sexual Assault

Collaboration is the Key!
A guest blog by Jennifer Boteilho, Family Serivces Supporting Tulare County

A couple of years ago I remember feeling surprised that we weren’t seeing more survivors of military sexualassault at Family Services, especially given the publicity of the topic in the media including the popularity of  the Academy Award nominated documentary The [...]

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Apr 15 2014
Video podcast: Empowerment Based Advocacy
screen shot of podcast

In this CALCASA video podcast, Kimberly Wong, a psychotherapist and clinical consultant, presents on best practices for empowering survivors of sexual assault through Empowerment Based Advocacy. Empowerment Based Advocacy is an approach to working with survivors to promote self-actualization as well as to be their supporter and advocate. She discusses how to manage such relationships [...]

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Apr 14 2014
We talk about consent A LOT
2 stick figures holding hands

In the sexual and domestic violence prevention worlds, we talk about consent a lot.  I mean, a lot.  As a training and technical assistance provider, I received countless requests for resources about consent – definitions, especially.  And there are so many out there.

A colleague from the Oregon Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence recently sharedthis blog post about [...]

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Oct 1 2013
Materials from August 27, 2013 CDPH Pre-conference training institute


On Tuesday August 27, 2013 Alexis Marbach from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence led a training for California RPE grantees. The training, entitled “Logic Models for Prevention Programming II” explored the basics of creating logic models for prevention programming. The materials from that training can be found here:


PowerPoint slides

Training [...]

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Dec 12 2013
Logic models for prevention programming

July 23, 2013
2:00 - 3:30 pm

Hosts: Abby Sims and David Lee, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Presenter: Alexis Marbach, MPH, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

This web conference provided the basics on developing logic models for prevention programs. Attending this web conference (or watching a recording) is required for the August Logic Model Training (see below [...]

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