CALCASA has created a card template for use in collaborative implementation of the new law from AB 1312 (2017), now Cal. Penal Code § 680.2.  Under this statue, law enforcement officers and medical providers are required to provide a card outlining survivor rights to sexual assault survivors. This card provides the required information for law enforcement and medial providers to provide to survivors of sexual violence. CALCASA has created 3 versions of the card with PDF fillable formats to include your local RCC contact information and logo. Simply input the information in the fields provided and up-load your logo to the graphic boxes.

CALCASA recommends contacting your local law enforcement departments (police and sheriff) as well as the medical providers that serve your communities and asking them about their plans for the survivor rights card. Both of these law enforcement and medical providers are required to coordinate with local sexual assault victims’ services in creating the card and providing printed versions of the card for survivors in a language assessable by survivors in the community. These templates can start the conversation for a community specific card that support survivors.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a trauma-informed and empowerment based perspective to a survivor’s first contact with law enforcement and medical providers. It is also critical that local rape crisis centers are part of the development and process.

Download Survivor Rights Card Templates




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