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The Cost and Consequences of Sexual Violence in California was commissioned by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) in an effort to create greater comprehension of the physical, emotional, social, and economic impact of rape and sexual assault upon California taxpayers. Families, friends, partners, neighbors, and co-workers know first hand the time and resources necessary to recover from sexual violence. However, never before has there been a comprehensive quantitative analysis of both tangible and intangible costs to the state resulting from the utterly preventable crime of rape. The cost of sexual violence is high $140 billion. At a minimum, this report reveals how all Californians have an investment in eliminating sexual violence…Read More

-Sandra Henriquez, CEO
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault


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We encourage you be part of the solution to prevent sexual violence, download and share these images to spread the word about investing in prevention. #SVcostsCA #InvestInPrevention


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Your representatives will be in their district March 23-31, 2018 for recess, schedule a meeting as soon as possible. At this meeting you can discuss upcoming SAAM activities in their community and the importance of investing in sexual violence prevention.

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For any questions contact:
John L. Finley, Public Policy Associate, CALCASA


Press Release

February 20, 2018 – The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (The Partnership) announced a joint budget advocacy effort to invest $50 million from the California State Fund in prevention and the intervention of sexual and domestic violence…Read More 

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