The following text was written by Gillian Greensite, Director of Rape Prevention Education at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It was written as a section in CALCASA’s 2003 publication of Support for Survivors: Training for Sexual Assault Counselors. Readers are invited to add to their own recollections to this history in the comments section.

History of the Rape Crisis Movement
By Gillian Greensite

OUR WILLINGNESS TO BECOME INVOLVED in the anti-rape movement deserves support and praise. Whatever particular reason drew you to this most important work, the results will not only help survivors in significant ways but will also give you a connection to the thousands of women and supportive men whose actions have formed a movement of people determined to confront and change the conditions that encourage and support a rape culture. A knowledge of the history of this movement will help you deal with the frequent frustrations and the ever-present outrage and will give you broader shoulders as you listen to and help relieve the trauma of those who have been raped. An awareness that you are part of a movement will connect you with a broader perspective and will challenge you to keep the movement alive.

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Here is a chapter from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s 1999 version of Support for Survivors called “Rape Myths” written by Gillian Greensite.

Rape Myths