One of the CALCASA’s primary roles is to help build the capacity of California rape crisis centers and their programs, so they can provide critical services to sexual assault survivors in their community. The staff at CALCASA also works to equip centers with tools and knowledge that help prevent sexual violence from occurring in the first place.

CALCASA’s capacity building approach involves a variety of services offered to member rape crisis centers and programs. These services include:

  • providing online and over-the-phone technical assistance;
  • hosting conferences, in-person trainings and webinars about best practices in advocacy, prevention and organizational management;
  • conducting program, financial and board member assessments; and
  • offering educational and media resources and publications.

CALCASA is also focused on helping member agencies provide access and services to survivors from underserved communities and cultures, such as various ethnic groups, people with disabilities, military veterans, college students and individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

By equipping staff and volunteers with critical knowledge, tools and resources, rape crisis centers have the ability to serve more survivors while also focusing efforts on preventing these acts from occurring in the future.