To create policy changes, it takes the efforts of many people coming together and sharing what is happening in their community. Often, CALCASA will ask our membership and the general public to call and write letters to their local/state representatives, asking for a specific policy request. When CALCASA has a “take action” campaign, we will list links below about what policy steps you can take to help support ending violence against women.


Action Alert 1/23/17- Please take a moment to contact your Member of Congress and Senators in regards to the threats of funding cuts to Violence Against Women Grants.

The article on January 19, 2017, in the Hill indicates that the President’s Budget will call for dramatic cuts including eliminating Violence Against Women Grants. While this article reports on what is believed to be included in the President’s budget proposal, it won’t be released until later this spring. CONGRESS ultimately passes budget resolutions and is under no obligations to follow the President’s recommendations. We ask everyone reach out and express your concerns to your Member of Congress and Senators.