Taking Prevention Online: Tips and Best Practices for Facilitating Engaging Online Events and Tools


In August 2020, PreventConnect hosted a web conference titled Taking Prevention Online: Tips and Best Practices for Facilitating Engaging Online Events. This web conference was a timely resource for Preventionists nationwide who are still grappling with the challenges of adapting prevention programs in a virtual landscape. This web conference was hosted twice and facilitated by CALCASA’s PreventConnect team, Tori Vandelinde and Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez. PreventConnect published a blog underscoring key takeaways from the event, but the abridged highlights are below:

  • Context is changing, but prevention is adaptable.
  • There is no one way, one platform to deliver prevention messages and programming online.
  • Key ingredients of online engagement including accommodating needs during COVID-19.

A resource list including numerous tools to support online programming accompanied the web conference and the recording can be watched HERE. For a deep dive into the reflections listed above, read the full blog HERE.


Sarah Orton

Sarah has a BA in Sexuality Studies with a focus on Research Methodology from the Evergreen State College. In 2011, during the pursuit of her undergraduate degree, she began volunteer work in reproductive justice and has been working in sexual assault prevention and intervention for the last six years in California and Tennessee. Her work has primarily included program management and implementation at community rape crisis centers, college campuses, and systems-based facilities. Additionally, she has a background in training and education, including providing comprehensive sex education and healthy sexuality group facilitation.

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