CALCASA Stands in Solidarity with Racial Justice Advocates: Criminalization will NOT end Sexual Violence

The fight to end sexual violence in the United States has always also required a concurrent fight against racism.  Prejudice and discrimination on the basis of both sex and race are woven together in the issue of sexual violence, and so we cannot effectively combat one without combatting the other.  As the nation grapples with [...]

Partnering with Corrections: MOU Office Hours

This webinar, intended for rape crisis centers, provides tools to initiate a partnership with their local jail with the ultimate goal of developing an MOU and setting up a reliable and sustainable victim services program for survivors behind bars. It is designed for advocates and agencies who are developing a new MOU or negotiating improvements [...]

The Bystander Intervention Mixtape to Prevent Systemic and Intercommunal Violence: Grounding our Work in Empathy, Reconciliation and Racial Justice Activism

As we enter the month of February, there are few better topics to address the intersections of Black History Month and Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month than culturally specific Bystander Intervention. In the past, the anti-violence movement has done a disservice by treating our work to end racialized violence and sexual/intimate partner violence [...]

Community Collaboration for Comprehensive Campus Sexual Violence Prevention [web conference]   For colleges and universities to effectively address and prevent sexual violence, collaboration with community resources, including local rape crisis centers, is essential. This web conference addressed specific examples and research related to collaboration to strengthen sexual violence prevention on college campuses. Drawing on the recent report UC Speaks Up: An Assessment of [...]

Facilitative Leadership for Change Principles and Practices: Getting Organized to Prevent Sexual Violence

Written by: Jessie Towne-Cardenas, CALCASA Consultant with Arboreta Group   Meetings! Meetings! Meetings! We have all seen the memes about meetings that could have been emails and that feels even more relevant now that many of us have adapted to working virtually. We’ve all experienced the ways that people check out (in-person or on zoom) [...]

Supporting Young People During Hard Times: Talking to Youth About the Insurrection at the Capitol

Written by: Jessie Towne-Cardenas, CALCASA Consultant Many of us are still processing the insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th as the electoral college votes were being certified. We hardly had time to celebrate the amazing community organizing successes by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) organizers in Georgia and all over the [...]

PODS: A Strategy for Conflict Management and Violence Prevention from The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective

Pods and Pod Mapping Framework Mia Mingus and others at the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC) have trained extensively on Pods and Pod Mapping as a strategy for alternative models of justice.  BATJC describes Pods as “…a term to describe the kind of relationship between people who would turn to each other for support [...]