CALCASA Stands in Solidarity with Racial Justice Advocates: Criminalization will NOT end Sexual Violence

The fight to end sexual violence in the United States has always also required a concurrent fight against racism.  Prejudice and discrimination on the basis of both sex and race are woven together in the issue of sexual violence, and so we cannot effectively combat one without combatting the other.  As the nation grapples with [...]

CALCASA in Alliance with Sexual and Domestic Violence Coalitions Across the Country

The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault has joined 45 other state sexual and domestic violence coalitions across the country to reaffirm its commitment to dismantling the same structures that have harmed and continue to harm our Black, Indigenous and People of Color community members. As part of CALCASA’s values and strategic approach, we are committed [...]

Small Victory! Gov. Newsom to Include Sexual and Domestic Violence Funding in the Final Budget

A small win today, yet we still have work to do.  As we mentioned last week, the legislature and Governor had the very difficult task of agreeing on a budget amidst a financial crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that these decisions were likely to affect our ongoing asks related to sexual and [...]

Urge Gov. Newsom to Sign Final Budget!

The State of California's budget situation has been in terrible shape since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite nearly a decade of extraordinary fiscal prudence that resulted in consecutive years of budget surpluses.  Together with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, CALCASA began this year optimistic about our prospects for increased, ongoing funding [...]

Asistencia de Ayuda Por Desastre (COVID-19) Para Inmigrantes

Debido a la continuidad de la pandemia en los Estados Unidos CALCASA sigue abogando por las necesidades de los sobrevivientes de asalto sexual durante estos tiempos de incertidumbre. CALCASA reconoce las necesidades de las personas inmigrantes y pone a su disposición los siguientes recursos disponibles en el estado de California. En respuesta al brote de [...]

Como Mantener Nuestro Propio Bienestar Durante COVID-19: Servicios y Recursos Disponibles en California

El impacto de Coronavirus (COVID-19) está afectando a miles de personas en todo el mundo especialmente a sobrevivientes de asalto sexual y violencia doméstica.  Porque debido a las circunstancias los sobrevivientes están mas a merced del abusador/a,  y es mas difícil para ellos buscar ayuda. CALCASA está trabajando arduamente con  los centros de crisis en [...]