New Resource – Restorative Parenting Can Prevent Sexual Violence During Shelter-in-Place: Talking Circles at Home and Parenting Restoratively

During the Pandemic, reports of domestic violence inside the home have been increasing. While shelter-in-place restrictions are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, unfortunately, the heightened stress and isolation can put families at risk for experiencing and causing violence inside the home. Adopting restorative practices, like healthy communication, can be a helpful tool for [...]

Small Victory! Gov. Newsom to Include Sexual and Domestic Violence Funding in the Final Budget

A small win today, yet we still have work to do.  As we mentioned last week, the legislature and Governor had the very difficult task of agreeing on a budget amidst a financial crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that these decisions were likely to affect our ongoing asks related to sexual and [...]

Como Mantener Nuestro Propio Bienestar Durante COVID-19: Servicios y Recursos Disponibles en California

El impacto de Coronavirus (COVID-19) está afectando a miles de personas en todo el mundo especialmente a sobrevivientes de asalto sexual y violencia doméstica.  Porque debido a las circunstancias los sobrevivientes están mas a merced del abusador/a,  y es mas difícil para ellos buscar ayuda. CALCASA está trabajando arduamente con  los centros de crisis en [...]

Gender-Based Violence Online: Prevention and Digital Care

As in-person socialization continues its hiatus from everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that youth and adults alike have turned to online communication more than ever. As the preliminary data rolls in, Forbes Magazine reports that internet usage has increased by approximately 70%. Additional reports indicate that abnormal searches on websites [...]

Sharing Your Resources

The web is saturated with so much content. Sharing links and short descriptions about your resources and events can be enough, but we live in a visual world. One way you can make your content stand out or be more memorable is by creating images that support your content. You can use tools that you [...]

The Intersections of Sexual Violence Prevention and Mutual Aid: Making Teal Masks for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Contextualizing mask making and prevention work: As COVID-19 continues to drastically impact the world around us, conversations ramp up about community care and mutual aid. There has been concern that prevention work will be deprioritized as the need for what is commonly thought of as direct services increases. At this time, it is important to [...]